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Switch matrix correlator


Switch Matrix Correlator

64 channels - 2 synchronized ports - mmWave

The Switch Matrix Correlator (SMC) is much more than a switch because of its wide bandwidth (16 kHz – 30 GHz), its number of channels (64 channels), its switching time and its isolation.

It is based on the expertise and patents of EV-Technologies (EVT). It is driven by the experience of NEXIO’s T&M and Engineering Products for its use and integration in projects. EV-Technologies and NEXIO are two French SMEs.

In addition to being a switch, the SMC is a Correlator with a perfect synchronization of the channels via these 2 ports, a free choice of the correlation channels and if necessary the possibility of embedding in its FPGA some driving or computing functions.

The performance of the SMC allows working in the time and frequency domain, it is ideal for phase measurement or for simulating an antenna array.

The SMC can be used in design, R&D, test and qualification teams as well as on manufacturing lines.

In summary, the SMC is a piece of equipment designed to give you a quantum leap in your measurements, test benches and analyses by overcoming current technologies.


Modularity and customization

The SMC is a modular and scalable platform.

64 channels - 2 synchronized ports

Bandwidth 160 KHz to 10 or 30 GHz

Signals exactly synchronized 2 to 2

Crosstalk, perfect isolation between channels

Fully customizable and configurable

The basic SMC opens up many possibilities for use and customization.

Each of the 64 channels can be programmed as transmit or receive. Each channel can be individually connected to probes, antennas, sensors, I/Os …

This isolation and speed switching performance significantly reduces the time for reliable measurements without conducted or radiated interference.

Its on-board FPGA adds fast reprogramming and on-board processing capabilities.

Its number of channels can be extended up to 4096 switched thanks to the MOSAIC aggregation technology that allows the addition of one or more connected and synchronized SMCs.

The SMC is reconfigurable by software. It allows the reception and transmission of signals, by cable, antenna and probe. It interfaces with most generators and measuring instruments on the market.

It already exists in different variants, options or add-ons and can be customized by us to your needs.


SMC : Switch Matrix & Corrélation

The SMC is boosted by the correlation of these 2 ports.

eV-Technologies’ correlation technology is a set of mathematically rigorous algorithms with patented calculation methods and implementation techniques (10 patents and over 10 trade secrets).

It links various parameters from separate data sources that are typically difficult for system designers and integrators to obtain at the same level.

Correlation technology is the backbone of eV-Technologies. It is used for the development of all models, products and tools, whether they are hardware or software.

The Correlation Technology is implemented in Intelligent Controller Modules with different profiles adapted to the targeted applications.

Easy to control and program

NEXIO teams have developed a simple, visual, efficient and versatile software to drive and program the Switch Matrix Correlator in a few clicks (without programming).

If you want to go further, the SMC is very easy to program, examples between C#, Labview, Matlab, … are provided.


Easy to use





Quality / price ratio

Fields of application

The SMC can be used alone in a test bench or integrated as a component of a system or a product. It can be used by teams to characterize, measure or stimulate a component or a system. Its modularity and customization make it suitable for use in all phases of a product’s life cycle, from R&D to manufacturing.

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The Switch Matrix Correlator range

64 channels | 2 ports | 16 KHz - 10 GHz
64 channels | 2 ports | 16 KHz - 30 GHz
Control software

Q&R :

The Switch Matrix Correlator is a high-performance mmW matrix switching platform with the following features:

  • Modular and multi-option: control module, antenna array module, redistribution layer, RF conversion module
  • Broadband (16 KHz – 10 GHz or 30 GHz)
  • Scalable (up to 4096 switched ports using MOSAIC aggregation technology)
  • Can perform non-contact near-field and far-field measurements, as well as characterization of MIMO antennas.

The main features of the Switch Matrix Correlator are:

  • High performance 64-port mmW broadband switch matrix.
  • 2 synchronized input ports and flexible partitioning of switched ports
  • Built-in correlation algorithms for extracting far-field parameters from near-field measurements and vice versa.
  • Suitable for frequency and time domain measurements.

Digital EMC/Spice simulation (validation of filtering for CE/CS on the primary bus)

  • Validation of interface circuits (CE/CS on TM/TC, ESD)
  • Drafting of the EMC analysis document
  • Reduced EMC tests (mock-ups, boards, ESD tests)
  • Drafting of the EMC analysis document

The features of the high performance switching matrix are as follows:

  • 64 port switched baseline with very high isolation (> 80 Db)
  • Wideband performance (16 KHz to 30 GHz)
  • High speed port switching time (< 50 usec)
  • 2 independent synchronized common ports
  • Built-in auto-calibration and automatic temperature compensation

The price depends on the modules and options chosen, but typically ranges from about $30,000 to $100,000.

The Switch Matrix Correlator control module can be interfaced via ethernet or USB.

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