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Overview – All testing software products

our raison d'être!

Transform electromagnetic waves
and their constraints in terms of added value for our customers.

Testing software

NEXIO’s range of test automation software meets a wide range of EMC immunity and emission testing needs. It offers a full range of functions for managing the activities of an EMC laboratory with the flexibility to adapt to your specific test environment.

BAT-EMC 2020

Leading software in France, BAT-EMC is widely used in all private laboratories, large groups and SMEs.

EMC test automation


Flexible, easy to use and fully independent of any measurement device or complete system, BAT-EMC provides an answer to the increasing productivity and quality requirements of EMC testing. Our software is today widely used by private laboratories and industrial groups in the civil, automotive, military and aeronautics sectors worldwide.


Single interface for all tests
Independent of any measuring equipment
Free drivers and over 500 supported devices
Dedicated technical support
Large number of standards supported (ENxx, CISPR, AUTOMOBILE, DO160, …)
Agilent interface VEE™, WindowsLabView™, LabWindows CVI™, Visual C++, …
Operating System: Win XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8, Windows 10…
Report with MS Office™ 2003, 2007, 2010,2014, Open office

Automation of transient tests


Transient test automation software

Facing new technical, productivity and economic challenges, NEXIO has designed BAT-ELEC, the only software that allows to perform electrical transient tests, compatible with generators from all manufacturers and for all civil, automotive, aeronautic standards, …

6 Reasons for choosing BAT-ELEC

1 software for all your equipment
1 software for all standards
1 software for your electrical & EMC tests
Advanced monitoring & control functions
Your automatic reports
A team of specialists at your service

All brands: HAEFELY, EMTEST, TESEQ, EMC PARTNER, Hilo, Schlôder, …


Automotive: ISO 16750-2 / ISO 7637-2
Aeronautics: DO-160
Civil: IEC 61000-4-4 (burst) / IEC 61000-4-5 (surge)
Other standards and specific specifications

Integrated into BAT-EMC for

Project Management
Automated reports
Integration of metrology
Networked data sharing


Experienced and dedicated technical support
Adaptation to changes in standards
Development of drivers

Control and Monitoring


A range of modules, simple and cost-saving, added to BAT-EMC that makes your EUT monitoring much easier to use. When a fault is detected, Easy-Monitoring executes user-configured actions. Linked to BAT-EMC, it detects EUT malfunctions through real-time signal analysis during the test. Faults are automatically recorded according to the user’s configuration criteria. Actions can also be set up by the operator in order to proceed to the detection of a fault (go to the next frequency, stop the test…).



Automated: Fault detected according to the user configuration scenario
Simple: Fully integrated with BAT-EMC, no need to know how to program and install a development environment.
Flexible: Works on its own or synchronized to external systems with any software or Ethernet RS232, IEEE…
Compatible : Drives most measurement equipment (oscilloscope, NI acquisition card, GPIB…)



A software for the acquisition and monitoring of data from automotive ECUs. AT-DIAG establishes a bidirectional communication and manages in real time the acquisition, visualization and analysis of data. This is to be able to report faults to an external system. It has been developed since 1990 by a team of experts ensuring its design, development and technical support.


Dynamic Configuration: During a simple frame reading, the operator defines the elements that will be acquired, recorded, visualized and monitored in real time.
Macro-control: The user can write and execute complex test sequences using the macro-control functions.
Local & remote integration: AT-DIAG can be controlled and queried by third party software and can also be used on a remote station via Ethernet.
Communication port: The communication is carried out via RS232 ports, CAN NI acquisition card or specific acquisition card and system.
Protocols: FREERUNNING, KWP2000, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, ARINC, … New protocols can be quickly taken into account (adapted protocol, …).
Multi-product & Multi-protocol communication: Communication can be carried out with multiple addresses and protocols during the execution of the same test.

Vidéo Monitoring


A software for the acquisition and monitoring of images from a camera. In case of defects, it executes actions configured by the user. Associated with NEXIO’s EMC software, BAT-Image detects EUT malfunctions in real time. BAT-Image is integrated into the BAT-EMC range, developed since 1995 by a team of experts providing product development and support.


Definition of the reference image
Designate the areas to be monitored and the video processing to be applied
For each monitored zone, the user indicates, if necessary, the actions to be carried out
Possible faults: lights on or off (LEDs), position of a pointer on an analog display (counter, gauge…)

Possible actions: emission of an audible signal, recording of the image where the defect appeared, provision of information to external systems or others…

Near Field


NEXIO industrializes the use of the 3D Near Field Scanner which helps in all stages of design, production and maintenance of electronic circuits and equipment.

NEXIO has drawn on its expertise in automation and its development structure to develop industrial software adapted to measurements made with a scanner. BAT-SCAN adapts to all robotic systems and benefits from the advantages of BAT-EMC, leader in EMC test automation software.



Flexibility : BAT Scan is open and can be integrated into most multi-axis robotic systems.
Features: A wide range of dedicated functions to make the most of near field measurements
Innovative: 1st automation and post-processing software for near-field measurements
Ergonomics: A graphical interface designed to facilitate the preparation, execution and management of the tests.
Compatibility: BAT Scan allows the results to be used in your numerical simulation software and has a standardized data exchange format.




In a world where technologies are rapidly evolving and quality requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, EMC standards and test procedures are constantly evolving. Your test methods must keep pace with these changes. NEXIO’s exceptional team of EMC engineers provides customers with expert advice, development and support.


Dedicated support
Software Updates
Annual improvements
Free drivers
Web Portal
New features
Monitoring of new standards
Report templates




In a world where technologies are rapidly evolving and quality requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, EMC standards and test procedures are constantly evolving. Your test methods must keep pace with these changes. NEXIO’s exceptional team of EMC engineers provides customers with expert advice, development and support.


Dedicated support
Software Updates
Annual improvements
Free drivers
Web Portal
New features
Monitoring of new standards
Report templates

Management of tests, schedules and HR


Put your tests, schedules and resources under control

With its BAT-EMC, BAT-ELEC… range, NEXIO has been present since 1995 in major EMC testing laboratories in France, Germany, Europe, USA and Asia. The positioning of BAT-EMC is clearly that of laboratories with high quality requirements (COFRAC – ISO 17025…), needs for efficiency and continuous improvement.
BAT-MANAGER completes the range by offering collaborative software for the centralized management of data and laboratory activities.

Added values

Centralize EMC test information (no more multiple files)
Simplify processes (Workflow) by respecting the QMS
Sharing information
Optimize test preparation time
Validation by measurements
Measure performance (indicators, statistics)
Gain in efficiency

Efficient management

Management of staff availability and assignment of missions
Instant verification of room availability and testing facilities
Synchronization with several test automation software including BAT-EMC

Main functions

Management of test requests
Process management
Resource management (materials, equipment, etc.)
Team management (1*8.2*8.3*8)
Project progress
Project reporting (metrics / indicators

BAT-MANAGER, a scalable solution

Use a web-oriented tool:
– Ergonomic
– Widely customizable
– Collaborative
– Connected / Connectable via “web services” to other tools
Secure / Reliable information :
– Customizable access level according to user profiles
– No more multiplicity of files to version / maintain
– Reduces the loss of online information since “everything” is now traceable
Can be integrated to adapt the solution or meet new needs:
– addition of fields by the user
– Possibility to develop your own “plugins”.


Automatic creation of BAT-EMC projects from BAT-MANAGER requests
Return of the progress of the projects in BAT-MANAGER at the end of each execution in BAT-EMC
Automatic generation of test summaries

An experienced and specialized team

NEXIO is the only software editor specialized in EMC, RF and ELEC test management.
NEXIO is a dedicated team that provides delivery, support, training and deployment in France and worldwide.
NEXIO is the guarantee of having the best for your laboratory proven by 20 years of continuous improvement of our solutions.
NEXIO is a network of 1,000 BAT-EMC users worldwide and 40 employees in the Engineering department who carry out EMC tests, monitor test campaigns, write EMC test plans, etc.

100% WEB, Tablet, Smartphone, ergonomic, durable and scalable

Ease of use because it uses the latest standards in terms of ergonomics.
Optimizes and simplifies the use of the software without the constraints of a client application:
– allows use on remote site
– allows use on mobile devices
– allows you to run the software internally on your servers or in hosted mode (Cloud)
Adaptability to the operation of the laboratory either by parameterization or programming
Inter-connectivity with other tools (ERP, GED, BAT-EMC…)

3 reasons to choose BAT-MANAGER

100% WEB compatible tablet, ergonomic, durable and scalable.
An offer customizable to your needs with a competitive price.
A team experienced in EMC testing and IT development.

Configuration requise

Web Browsers : Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari… Base de données : MySQL, SQL-SERVER, ORACLE… Système d’exploitation : Windows Server