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Transiant / Burst Surge (BAT-ELEC)

Automation of transient tests


Transient test automation software

Facing new technical, productivity and economic challenges, NEXIO has designed BAT-ELEC, the only software that allows to perform electrical transient tests, compatible with generators from all manufacturers and for all civil, automotive, aeronautic standards, …

6 Reasons for choosing BAT-ELEC

1 software for all your equipment
1 software for all standards
1 software for your electrical & EMC tests
Advanced monitoring & control functions
Your automatic reports
A team of specialists at your service

All brands: HAEFELY, EMTEST, TESEQ, EMC PARTNER, Hilo, Schlôder, …


Automotive: ISO 16750-2 / ISO 7637-2
Aeronautics: DO-160
Civil: IEC 61000-4-4 (burst) / IEC 61000-4-5 (surge)
Other standards and specific specifications

Integrated into BAT-EMC for

Project Management
Automated reports
Integration of metrology
Networked data sharing


Experienced and dedicated technical support
Adaptation to changes in standards
Development of drivers